01/08/2014 05:43 BST | Updated 12/08/2014 11:59 BST

Britain's 50 Favourite Feel Good Things Including Cuddles, Bubble Wrap And Sunshine

It seems us Brits are a sentimental bunch who really do think the best things in life are free. Popping bubble wrap, receiving a compliment and having a cuddle have all been named in a new list of Brits’ 50 favourite feel good moments.

Other popular suggestions include a hug from your child, sleeping in clean sheets, feeling sand between your toes, and smelling sea air – with the list being topped by walking in sunshine.


Sophia Davis, one of the UK’s leading life coaches who helped compile the research, said: “It’s been interesting to see what came out on top from the go ahead! research; a lot of what makes us feel good is often based in nature.

“It’s no surprise walking in sunshine was the nation’s number one feel good feeling, as sitting outside in the sun gives us vitamin D and boosts levels of serotonin, the body’s natural happy hormone.

Similarly with hugging – it instantly boosts oxytocin levels, healing feelings of loneliness, isolation and anger.”

The research by also revealed that:

  • 44% of Brits would choose their partner as the person who’d cheer them up the most.

  • Around a quarter (24%) would be happier receiving a hug from a loved one than receiving £100.

  • 1 in 3 (33%) of us smile three to five times a day because of simple, free pleasures.

  • Three quarters (76%) of women said receiving flowers make them feel good – they’re also twice as likely to feel good after someone compliments their clothing than men are (62% vs 30%).


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Here's the full 50 Feel Good Moments list:

1. Walking in sunshine

2. Getting into fresh bed sheets

3. Going on a walk in the countryside

4. Someone saying they like what you’re wearing

5. The smell of sea air

6. Receiving flowers

7. Someone pulling out of a space in a busy car park just as you arrive

8. Having a cuddle

9. A kiss from your partner

10. Laughing so much it hurts

11. Getting ready to go on holiday

12. Walking barefoot on sand

13. A hug from your child

14. Listening to your favourite song

15. Listening to the rain

16. Smell of freshly cut grass

17. A smile from a baby

18. Putting on your favourite item of clothing

19. Singing along to favourite songs in the car

20. A lie in on a Sunday morning

21. Exploring somewhere new, like a new town or city

22. A pint in a beer garden on a summer’s day

23. A smile from someone after you’ve given them your seat on public transport

24. Bird song

25. A surprise phone call from an old friend

26. Being licked by a puppy

27. Someone noticing you’ve had a haircut

28. The smell of a fresh book

29. Someone making you a cup of tea unexpectedly

30. Making a cat purr

31. Kicking up leaves

32. Drinking fresh juice

33. Doing exercise

34. Being sent a photo of a loved one

35. Throwing a stick or ball for a dog

36. Watching your favourite scene from a movie

37. Your partner massaging your feet

38. Being sent a handwritten letter

39. Playing with bubble wrap

40. Putting money in a charity collection tin

41. Tidying your room

42. A phone call from your mum

43. Happening upon a favourite film reshowing on TV while channel hopping

44. Someone ‘liking’ your comment or status on Facebook

45. Turning off mobile phones for an afternoon and spending uninterrupted time with close family

46. Dancing on your own in your room

47. Making a daisy chain

48. An empty work email inbox

49. Finding something new about yourself e.g. the ability to roll your tongue

50. Reading celebrity gossip

Biscuit brand go ahead! conducted a nationwide survey to find out what really makes us happy.