04/08/2014 12:00 BST

BioShock On iPhone And iPad Is Now Official

The critically acclaimed game BioShock is officially launching on iPhone and iPad 'soon' according to a tweet made by the game's developers 2K.

Much-loved by fans and critics BioShock set itself apart from the first-person shooters at the time by offering a truly unique location; the 30's inspired underwater city of Rapture.

That combined with intuitive gameplay and out of this world characters led to its total success, spawning a sequel and then later on Xbox 360 and PS3, the final game in the trilogy: BioShock: Infinite.

2K had initially tweeted a teaser image showing a post of a woman next to a giant apple with the news then officially confirmed on Monday 4 August.

There had originally been some speculation as to whether the BioShock series would be launching on PlayStation Vita but it seems as though 2K has had its sights set on the mobile market.

it's clear from the hands-on video below that despite the advances in smartphones -- in particular the iPhone 5s -- the game has had to sacrifice some of its good looks in order to run on a portable device.

That said it appears to be running smoother than ever and with full compatibility with iOS-approved controllers the game should play like a dream.

There's no word on the exact BioShock iOS release date but 2K has revealed that pricing will match that of a 'premium' mobile game so expect a similar price to XCOM.