This Video Of A Mother Trying To Put Her Kids To Bed Sums Up The Challenge of Having Twins

Ever wonder how parents with twins manage to do it without running off screaming into the wilderness?

This brilliant video from Norwegian mum Henriette Jonassen sums up how challenging it can be, while trying to put her (very cute) twin sons to bed.

Jonassen, who has her own blog about raising twins, wrote: "I've been struggling with getting my twins asleep for a few weeks now (due to extremely hot weather and long, sunny days), and I've tried different methods. This one was definitely the worst one! But it gave me a good laugh tho (sic).

"And BTW: they have always shared room, I just thought I'd try something different for a few days, and it turned out to be a bad idea."

The video went viral, and inevitably attracted online trolls who made some unpleasant comments.

In response to that, Jonassen wrote on her blog: "What I want to achieve, is to tell you that I’m not a bad mom. I’d do anything for my children, I really would."