05/08/2014 09:47 BST | Updated 05/08/2014 10:59 BST

There Are At Least 5 More 'Gaza Games' On Google Play

Google Play

After a huge wave of negative publicity, Google has removed a controversial game which asked players to 'Bomb Gaza' with fighter jets.

The reasons behind the outrage and the removal aren't difficult to figure out.

But no, in case you were wondering, 'Bomb Gaza' wasn't the only one.

There are in fact many different games relating to or revolving around Gaza, and on our recent skim through the Google Play store we managed to find at least five games focused on, or set in the region.

Some of them will probably prove controversial.

But the overall sense we got is not quite as straightforward as the outrage-remove cycle suggests. In fact it seems pretty clear that in games - as in social media discussions, music, art and politics - there are all kinds of different perspectives on Gaza. Games, as a medium which is increasingly accessible, responsive and global, are simply reflecting those opinions. Individually these 'political' games may seem shocking, but taken as a whole their existence is pretty much the minimum you would expect from an open marketplace like Google Play.

With all that in mind, here are five more games about Gaza currently found on Google Play:



"Tap anywhere to fire at touched location. Your Mission is to destroy all rockets falling in the city and gain time by destroying enemy forces. You have 20 seconds to save the city."

This is a 'Defender' clone themed around Gaza - though it's not clear if you're playing as either Israel or the Palestinians. It's made by AX Games who are also responsible for a Flappy Bird clone and a game called "Operation Zarb e Azb", in which you have to kill Taleban militants in Pakistan.



"Gaza missiles assassins is a 2d game created to aware the people about gaza. this game has a game play similar to flappy bird. it is enjoyable game. but with this you will always remain aware of gaza war."

This is a clearly rubbish little game that apparently plays like Flappy Bird. You have to avoid the rocket ships (?) and, er, win somehow.

GAZA GAME: (link)


"In the adventure-filled suspense between the various Palestinian cities, the game takes you through an enjoyable tourist trip and you alone to lead this trip overcoming barriers and obstacles to reach the finish line to the city of Jerusalem, if you buy this game you will get interest, pleasure and reward .. Because profits of the game will be used in the service of education in the Gaza Strip"

This looks like a jolly little adventure game with no direct like to the current conflict - though its developers do apparently donate their profits to the "service of education" in Gaza -- take that how you will.



"This game is similar in its own way to the game "Flying hopper" famous ... but new in the idea and objective support for the besieged Gaza Strip Heroes of oppressive occupier ..

The game revolves about the possibility of the player to control the resistance missiles and hit the objectives assigned to them ... but the player will face a lot of obstacles, such as fire, as well as anti-missile Iron Dome and other various means of defense .."

An aggressive sort of game, in which you have to break through Israel's 'Iron Dome' missile defence system and bomb civilians and the military.

GAZA HERO: (link)


"Just tap/click every israel army to change them into food, water, cake, medicine for palestinian. Curse Israel for genocide doesn't make palestinian better. You should donate directly or play and share this game. this is not just religion problem, this is humanity problem. Charity game for Gaza, every revenue from this game will be donate to gaza"

This is another satirical/political game in which you have to tap the Israeli forces to turn them into useful items for the people of Gaza. Again, the revenue goes towards the region -- though it's not explained how.