07/08/2014 13:04 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Grieving Father Asks For Photo Of His Son Without Hospital Tubes

For the second time in a few weeks, the lovely users of Reddit have helped a grieving father with photos of his beautiful baby.

Reddit user Jstefut posted a photo of his young son who died a few years ago. Because his son was in hospital during his short life, his father only had photos of him with tubes and wires attached.

Having seen the amazing response a similar post on Reddit received last month, he posted the image online and asked if anyone could help remove the tubes.

His message read: "Photoshop Request: My son passed away a few years ago after two short weeks in the hospital, and I have no pictures of him without all of the tubes.

"I saw a father make this same post and was amazed by the response. If anyone can remove the tubes from this photo, I would be extremely grateful."

Reddit user William Gates (bgates87), set to work and removed all the wires and tubes from the little boy's photo, and then shared the image with the father, who was thrilled with the result.

Speaking to, William said: "I simply saw an opportunity to help someone and took it. I've done several Photoshop requests for Redditors before, but most of them were colorization requests where someone posts a black-and-white photo and wants color added to it.

"I've also done a few restorations where the photo had been torn or scratched up. This is my first time doing a Photoshop request like this though."