Tourist Crashes Drone Into US National Landmark

A tourist was left feeling red-faced after crashing his drone into the iconic Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.

In an attempt to try and get some close-up pictures of the world's third-largest hot spring, the tourist unfortunately lost control of the aircraft and sent it plummeting to the ground.

Reuters reports that this is the latest in a series of incidents involved unmanned aerial vehicles over US National Parks prompting officials to implement a nationwide ban on all drones over their land.

Park officials at Yellowstone are currently contemplating the logistics of removing the drone from the hot spring -- which is a massive 121 feet deep -- after fears were raised that the presence of the drone could harm the unique geothermal properties of the spring.

With over 84 million acres of land comprising over 400 National Parks it's clear that officials have their work cut out but with the spate of incidents having increased in the last 12-months it was felt a full-ban had to be put in place.

Drones have caused a number of issues across the US with some parts of the country banning their use over civilian populations and others banning them entirely.