Child Prodigy Has The Perfect Solution For Internet Trolls

A 13-year old scientist Trisha Prabhu has come up with what she believes to be the ultimate weapon for dealing with internet trolls.

The young prodigy's solution is a project called Rethink and its just got her a place in Google's prestigious Global Science Fair.

Rethink is as simple as it sounds: It asks young people to take a moment to actually read back what they've just written and think about what effects their words could have on another human being.

Essentially an online filter, it would find all the messages that were deemed to contain hurtful remarks and then ask the posters if they really wanted to send that message.

It sounds simple enough but Prabhu's research has found that the effects it could have would be potentially enormous.

In her study found that 93.43% of the young people who had initially written something hurtful actually decided not to post that message after having been asked to pause and think about it.

Just by implementing this filter she found a massive 71.07% drop in the number of hurtful and offensive messages being sent.

With her results now out in the wider community Prabhu is already working on creating a prototype of the Rethink filter which could then be implemented on social websites like Facebook and Twitter.