Guy Inflates Metal 'Balloon' Using Nothing But Water

Colin Furze is back. Having created 'Wolverine' style claws, 'farted' on France with a giant pulse jet and successfully walked on a ceiling he's now showing how you can bend metal as if it were paper.

Uses a technique called 'Hydroforming' Furze demonstrates how you can blow up a metal 'balloon' using nothing but water pressure.

Taking one household pressure washer Furze applies his trademarked ingenuity and hooks it up to two sheets of flat metal that have been soldered together at the edges.

Applying a massive amount of pressure the water fills up the gap between the two sheets and essentially 'inflates' the metal into a cushion shape.

There's no heat involved and no physical exertion on his part, all the hard work is done by nothing more than water, albeit at an extremely high pressure.

'Hydroforming' is an extremely useful manufacturing technique as it can be just as powerful as air but because it's water there's no risk of inadvertently creating a massive high-pressure bomb.

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