Nicki Minaj's 'Anaconda' Music Video To Feature Kelly Brook's Fiancé David McIntosh (Shirtless, Of Course!) (PICS VIDEO)

Guess Which A-Lister Has Roped In David McIntosh For Her New Video?

Nicki Minaj is pulling out all the stops to ensure that her new music video is her sexiest to date, by roping in Kelly Brook’s fiancé David McIntosh to appear in it, in all his toned glory.

David has already teamed up with Jennifer Hudson - with his top off, natch - for a performance at the BET Awards earlier this year, and is now strutting his stuff for Nicki in the music video for her single ‘Anaconda’.

Wow... is it hot in here or does David McIntosh just have his shirt off again?

In a behind the scenes clip, ahead of the video’s release, Nicki is shown rapping some of her famous quickfire lyrics, before twerking like her life depended on it, in what promises to be one of her raunchiest clips ever.

After that, we’ll admit we were pretty surprised to see a familiar face crop up and introduce himself, with a shirtless David telling us, pretty erratically, we might add: “I’m David McIntosh, the UK’s finest.

“The video's Anaconda, Nicki Minaj, it's real sweet, real sexy and the guys look… what can I say?”

Nicki Minaj in her 'Anaconda' video

And while it sounds like his appearance in Nicki’s new music video isn’t going to leave much to the imagination - when does he ever? - we know David isn’t exactly averse to a bit of nudity, as he recently revealed that he was constantly naked in his apartment, much to the chagrin of his neighbours who often catch him walking around - or even doing a work out - completely starkers.

Watch the behind the scenes teaser for Nicki's 'Anaconda' video, but be warned there's some pretty colourful language in there...

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