'Big Brother': Helen Wood Leaves The House In Shock 'Eviction' Days Before The Final... But She Hasn't Gone Far (PICS, VIDEO)

Has Helen Really Been Evicted From The 'BB' House?

Big Brother’ fans will get a shock in store in Tuesday night’s episode, as Helen Wood is told by Emma Willis that she’s been evicted from the show.

The group - particularly Ash, who has formed a strong bond with Helen during their time together in the house - are stunned as they’re told that she has been booted out by the public, and has just 30 seconds to say goodbye to her housemates.

Helen and Ash say goodbye to each other

However, some viewers might be disappointed to learn that, although Helen has been whisked away from the housemates through the Diary Room, she hasn’t gone far and is actually just metres away in a secret room where she can watch their every move on a plasma screen.

That’s right - you can’t get rid of her that easily.

Helen leaves the house... but all is not as it seems

Throughout her time in the house, Helen has one of the most unpopular contestants with the public thanks to her outbursts and rows with the rest of the group, though she’s been ineligible to be nominated thanks to a ‘fast pass’ to the final that she was given on her second day in the house.

She was reprimanded on a number of occasions earlier in the series over her “unacceptable behaviour” - with even ‘BB’ presenters Emma Willis and Luisa Zissman claiming she should have her pass to the final taken away - and was warned that if her attitude didn’t change she would be punished.

However, viewers were outraged earlier this month when she was given yet another verbal warning from producers, but was not removed from the house.

Find out exactly how Helen gets on in her secret room, and see how the housemates react when they think she’s been evicted, during Tuesday’s ‘Big Brother’ highlights show, airing at 10pm on Channel 5.

Victor Ebuwa ('BB5')

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