10 Easy Games To Play This Summer

Be sure to make the most of the great outdoors this summer – with some brilliant games that will please the whole family, and your friends.

From going barmy with balls, to simply larking about, we've put together 10 fantastic ways you can guarantee some fun in the sun.

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Having a kick-a-bout is always a great way to get everyone active. All you need is a ball, a couple of coats, bags or even trees for goalposts and you can set up a makeshift pitch pretty much anywhere.

Top tip: Have a World Cup style penalty shoot-out competition. Or change things up with girls against boys, kids against adults.

2. French Cricket

Millions will remember this twist on traditional cricket from their own childhoods. All you need is a bat or racquet of some kind. Players stand in a circle and try to hit the legs of the batsman with a soft ball who attempts to bat it away without moving their legs or giving a catch.

Top tip: Boost the fun by trying to distract the batsman and watch them squirm as they try move quickly to deflect the ball whilst trying not to fall over.

3. Frisbee

Perfect for a chuckle whether you're on the beach or in a park. Invest in a Frisbee and then have fun trying to see if you can pass it around your family or friends without dropping it.

Top tip: Set up some plastic bottles and take turns trying to knock them down, or set up a target and see who can throw the Frisbee closest.

4. Rounders

Got a summer kids' birthday party coming up, or maybe you're just having a bunch of friends over for a picnic in the park? It's worth getting a cheap rounders set. Furious and fast as you divide into teams and aim to hit the ball and run – hoping to get round the four bases to complete a rounder.

Top tip: Come up with a prize for the winning team.

5. Dodgeball

Short, sharp and good for getting everyone involved. Get a soft ball and divide the children and adults into two teams. Throw the ball at the legs of an opponent as they try to dodge it. If you hit them they're out. The team with the last remaining person wins.

Top tip: If someone hits an opponent above the waist they have to go in a sin bin for a minute.

6. Mini Commonwealth Games

Inspired by the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games? Come up with your own series of sporting challenges. You can include jumping, running, cycling and obstacle courses and time each competitor. It's bound to bring back all the fun of your own school sports day.

Top tip: Why not include some kid friendly events, like your own egg and spoon race.

7. Volleyball

If you don't have a net, don't worry, use a football or a beach ball and try and work as one team to keep it up in the air for as long as possible.

Top tip: For an easier game, suitable for little ones, try the same activity using a balloon instead of a ball.

8. Hula hooping

Go retro with the craze that started in the 1950s and is enjoying a renaissance in the 21st century. See how many twirls you can do and experiment with twirling the hoop round different parts of the body. Great fun for the kids and keeping the adults fit too!

Top tip: Invest in a Space Hopper or skipping rope for more old fashioned fun.

9. What's the time Mr Wolf?

One of those timeless playground games which can be played by the family or with a group of friends without any equipment. One child or adult is Mr Wolf and stands some way from the row of others. They ask Mr Wolf what time it is. Mr Wolf turns round and says a time and they must advance that number of steps. At a time of Mr Wolf's choosing, when the children get near, Mr Wolf shouts Lunch time, chasing the others and tagging one, who becomes the next Mr Wolf.

Top tip: Try another traditional game like British Bulldog, Oranges and Lemons or Stuck in the Mud.

10. Hide and seek

Hide and seek can be played just about anywhere or you can try Sardines, a version where just one person hides and then, as each of the hunters finds them, they join the hunted person. The last person remaining becomes the next hider.

Top tip: Worried about the children going missing? Team up in pairs of one adult, one child.

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