14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

2014: Let's Make Every Day Amazing


January is an exciting month - it's a fresh start, a time to think about what we really want. Maybe you've promised yourself a trip to South America before the year's out, a gym membership or a new approach to love and dating.

But I actually think, as well as the big promises we to make to ourselves in the first week of the year, little ones can have a much bigger impact on our day-to-day happiness.

My goals for the this year are pretty small but I'm determined to make them happen. They are:

1. Learn how to put my hair into a beehive.
2. Make a patchwork quilt.
3. Style my home into what I've always wanted it to be (I'm starting with lavender window boxes - to say I've got a lot of Pinterests bookmarked is a something of an understatement).
4. Invest in more beautiful vintage.
5. Do more, work less (AKA, see friends and family more and turn off my computer now and again!)

In between the life-changing travel and making huge decisions, we want to be there to help make your day-to-day that little bit better.

Whether it's with new cocktail recipes, beauty how-tos or guides to making the latest accessories yourself, we'll have new ideas everyday to make things more fun (not to mention glamorous!)

We think 2014 is going to be amazing - every single day of it.