14/08/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Abducted To Egypt: Judge Allows Two-Year-Old To Be Named

Judge allows snatched child to be named in Family Court case

Despite Family Court cases usually being held in secret, a judge has given permission for the 'sad case' of a little boy being held in Egypt by his father to be made public.

Omar Antar was 'wrongfully detained' in the country by his dad 10 months ago. His mother Aisha Qureshi is desperate to be reunited with him.

The High Court has revealed that two-year-old Omar was taken by Abdelaziz Antar when his mum took him to a wedding in December, 2012.

Sky reports that Ms Qureshi went to the Family Court to try and order Mr Abdelaziz to return Omar to Britain by publicising the case, and was granted permission to go public by Mr Justice Roderic Wood .

Mr Justice Wood said he hoped publicity would pressurise Omar's father, a 39-year-old businessman, into obeying a High Court order to return the little boy.

In his judgement allowing Omar to be named, Mr Justice Wood said that not only had the UK court issued an order, but an Egyptian court had also demanded Mr Antar return Omar to his mum.

He said it was 'yet another sad case [where] a child is caught up in a dispute between his parents who are living in different countries'.

"(Ms Qureshi) needs to obtain (Omar's) return to this country, where he was born, and where he lived until his father wrongfully retained him in Egypt in December last year at the end of a visit by the mother and Omar for a family wedding," he said. "That retention was against the mother's will. As I understand, she has not seen Omar since."

"It is considered by the mother's legal team that giving publicity to this case will motivate (Mr Antar's) family and friends to put pressure on him to return Omar. I hope for the boy's sake that they are right."