14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Are Princess Beatrice And Dave Clark Getting Engaged?

Could there be another royal wedding on the cards?

Princess Beatrice has just turned 25, her relationship with long-term boyfriend Dave Clark is going from strength to strength and guess what?

Her mother Sarah Ferguson has recently been welcomed back into the circle with a visit to Balmoral. Okay - holidaying with her mum might not sound that exciting - but in the royal family, this is a BIG deal.


Ferguson hasn't been invited into the Queen's holiday home since she divorced Prince Andrew in 1996 and it's no secret that the Duke of Edinburgh isn't the biggest fan of his son's ex-wife (it's all down to the issue of toe-sucking).

This summer however, things were different. Why? Royal reporters speculate that this can only mean one thing - an engagement is imminent.

The Telegraph's Christopher Wilson, suggests that with the arrival of Prince George and some changes in the royal hierarchy, this would be "a good time, then, to concentrate on marriage: [Beatrice] has been with businessman Clark, who works for Sir Richard Branson, for the past six years".

So - to onlookers, the timing is right, but is Beatrice really working on her wedding plans on her family holiday in Scotland? Or is she just having a good time with her mum? We'll soon find out.