Baby Barn Owl Mistakes Baby For Mum

A six-week-old barn owl has mistaken a 10-month-old baby girl for his mother - in the cutest case of mistaken identity we've ever encountered!

The fluffy bird of prey, who has not yet been named, was raised from a chick by the Jordan family, who let him roam around their Australian home.

He has fallen in love with his 'mum' 10-month-old Charlotte and has quickly become part of the family.

"He loves watching TV and he watches us eating our dinner," said Charlotte's mother Crystal Jordan.

"Once a day we'll put him on the ground beside Charlotte so he can get used to smaller kids. She can say a few words so she talks to him and says 'mum' and 'dad.'"

Crystal and her husband Jason, run Raptor Vision, a small organisation that cares for injured birds of prey.

The owlet is rapidly putting on weight and losing his fluff, thriving on a diet of mice, small rats and crushed chicken necks. (Sorry, we should have warned you the tale was about to take a less cute turn!)

The Jordans plan to spend the next six months training the owl to perform flight shows at weddings and education camps.

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