'Bad Present' Prank On Kid Backfires Spectacularly

These naughty parents didn't quite get the response they wanted when they tried to play a trick on their toddler by giving her a pair of y-fronts as a 'present'.

The 'gag present' video has become something of an American tradition since 2011, when comedian and chat show host Jimmy Kimmel first started getting parents to record themselves giving their kids hilariously sub-par Christmas presents.

So, for their little girl's birthday, this mum and dad decided to play the prank before handing over her real gifts.

Mum records the toddler as she patiently lifts layer after layer of tissue paper from inside a 'Happy Birthday' gift bag, only to discover her 'present' is a pair of extra-large men's underpants.

But her response is not at all what you might anticipate.

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Rather than throw a temper tantrum at her parents' terrible knack for gift-giving, she responds with all the grace of a society hostess.

"Oh my gosh, this is beautiful!" she coos, before obligingly hanging the undies around her neck. She even places the sheets of tissue paper covering the 'present' back in the bag.

The girl's mum posted the video to Reddit, where users were charmed by the little girl's politeness and gratitude, saying she had 'beautiful manners'.

Mum explained that she was impressed to see that her daughter has already learnt the art of being a tactful gift receiver. "She has always been so happy with anything," she said. "But even if she is just being polite I am proud of her for that."

She also reassured viewers that her daughter's real birthday presents were more traditional - she got a new princess dress, which we're sure will look nicer on her than a pair of baggy undies!