14/08/2014 16:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beauty Tips: 5 DIY Steps To Healthy Hair

Keeping hair looking glossy and healthy at all times is no easy task. Especially when you can't leave the house without a quick hair straightening session (you know it's damaging, but how else can you beat frizz in five minutes?)


Here's five DIY steps to get your hair in tip-top condition....

1. Get it cut!
Getting a regular trim is the key to healthy hair - for a start, it will instantly get rid of split ends which cause breakage in the hair shaft. A visit to the hairdressers will also keep longer hair looking its best - even if you're trying to grow it out. How often should you book an appointment? "Healthy hair needs to be maintained and regular cuts every six weeks to eight are important," says Pinar Necati, international artistic director at Toni & Guy. If you're a one cut every six months kind of girl, it might be time to up your game.

2. Invest in masks
Using a hair mask is the easiest way to add shine and nourishment to dried out or damaged locks. "In between these cuts, apply a mask once a week to lock in moisture and prevent damage, breakage and frizz," Necati says. Masks can be used for everything from keeping hair soft and conditioned in winter to locking in colour. And if you don't want to splash out on a luxe brand? Make your own from coconut oil. "Apply to dry hair, work into scalp and down the hair from root to tip, then wrap up in a towel and leave over night," the experts at Neal's Yard Remedies told us. "Wash off using shampoo in the morning," and expect to be wowed with the results.

3. Heat protection
If you're guilty of reaching for the straighteners a little too often, make sure you apply a heat-protecting cream or oil before using a heated tool. This will act as a barrier and prevent your hair from burning when styled with high temperatures.

4. Go easy on the brushing
You don't use straighteners (very often), you get regular hair cuts, but your hair is still prone to frizz. Why? It could be down to too much brushing. If you're really rigorous, it can cause damage to the outer layers of the hair which leads to the on set of fraying locks. Try choosing a comb or a paddle brush with plastic bristles for a gentler approach.

5. Eat your way to glossy hair
The secret to super shiny hair is a good diet. Protein-rich foods such as salmon are essential for hair growth, while the essential fatty acids in avocados are great for nourishing lacklustre locks. It's also important to stay hydrated and boost your vitamin E intake to promote a healthy scalp. (Talking of healthy scalps, this kitchen staple can do wonders.)

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