14/08/2014 16:39 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beyonce's Hairstylist Reveals How To Get Her Wet-Look Curls From The Grammys

Beyonce and Jay Z's duet at the Grammys 2014 (yes, we're still talking about it) was incredible. Aside from the fact that Beyonce performed in nothing more than La Perla lingerie and a sheer shirt, there was something else that got people talking - her hair.

This steamy duet wouldn't have been the same if the singer had chosen to wear her new crop in a plait or a cute updo. This look required a sultry style. So - what did her hairstylist do? She created tousled, wet curls of course.


Kimble spoke to The Coveteur about styling Beyonce's hair for the Grammys.

"The thing that I love about working with Beyonce is that she always has such great ideas," she told the site. "Going for wet hair can sometimes be a little risky and a bit challenging, but I was very happy with the results, and we had such a blast working together."

The only problem is, doing wet-look hair at home isn't easy to pull off. But now that Beyonce has made it look seriously amazing, girls everywhere want to know one thing - how is it done?

Kimble revealed that her key items were a Pantene Pro-V mousse and a paddle brush.

"I used the mousse to set her hair, so that it would boost a wet and kind of tousled look, and gently used the Kimble paddled brush to evenly distribute the product throughout her hair."

Kimble also recommends using a diffuser to dry hair before scrunching with hands for "added body."

Sounds easier than it looks, doesn't it? See more of the singer below and get Kimble's full step-by-step guide to Beyonce's do here.