Born In The Wild: Reality TV Show Follows Mums Giving Birth In The Woods

There is nothing more natural than giving birth. But how about being filmed while you're having your baby – in the woods?

That's exactly what a group of women have done for a new reality show called Born in the Wild.

The women and their partners have shunned not only hospitals, but also any shelter at all after deciding that giving birth surrounded only by nature is the way to go.

The blurb for TV show – which will be shown on the American Lifetime channel – says "What happens when the craziest experience of a woman's life becomes truly wild, and soon-to-be parents decide to take on an unassisted birth in the outdoors?"

Well, some answers can be found in a hugely popular YouTube video that has been viewed more than 20 million times.

It is mesmerising viewing, showing a woman giving birth in a tropical creek, surrounded by her family.

That mum, YouTube user Birthinnature, said: "It has had a profound effect on my mothering and for my children especially."

Critics might think the practice is too risky and most definitely should not be tried in your local park, but the TV company says the show's subjects will be closely watched by crews.

Eli Lehrer, Lifetime's senior VP and head of nonfiction programming, told Entertainment Weekly: "We're taking extreme precautions to make sure the mothers and the babies are safe.

"Our presence at these births is going to make them far safer than if they were doing it on their own.

"We're not dropping people in the woods and saying 'go have the baby'.

"These are all people who have already had babies in hospitals who had unsatisfying experiences and who are choosing to have different experiences. This is something people are doing and we set out to document it."

He added: "I truly don't think this is something people would enter into lightly. This is a very specific subset of people doing this."

Watch the video below for more from the show: