14/08/2014 16:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bride-To-Be Blog: Choosing The Wedding Car

Bride-to-be blogger Claire Adams has to find a way to her wedding that's 1) affordable and 2) impresses her car-mad fiancé. No pressure then...

So far my fiancé Lee has very graciously allowed me to do the majority of the organising and decision making when it comes to our wedding. He found our venue (Hampton Court House) so I think in his eyes that's (his) job done.

I see him half listen to me ramble on about what colour the flowers should be or if we should have lanterns or jam jars holding the tea lights and he is almost always playing Grand Theft Auto or watching the football at the same time.

However one task I unintentionally managed to get his full attention on was what car we should hire for the big day. Lee is a huge car enthusiast so when I mentioned we needed to look into this detail he was suddenly very enthusiastic and googling sites for wedding Porsche and Ferrari hire. I immediately regretted saying a word...

As we're getting married and holding the wedding breakfast and evening reception in the same venue, I was very hesitant to spend a great deal on our wedding car. Of course I don't want to arrive at the venue in a local mini cab smelling of stale smoke with chewing gum on my dress from the seat but the journey really doesn't justify the several hundred pounds a vintage wedding car could cost.

At work we'd used a Global car service called Uber for recent high profile events. Operating entirely through an app, Uber offers cars (of both standard and Lux calibre) at an affordable price.

The Lux range sounded ideal for a wedding service with cars on offer including Bentleys, Mercedes S Classes, Jaguar XJs, BMW 7 series and Audi A8s which are charged according to the distance of your journey.

It all sounded perfect for my tiny three minute journey to the venue and post wedding airport drop and luxurious enough to keep Lee happy. Also, how modern am I? Booking my wedding car through an app! This has probably been the simplest part of my wedding organisation so far.

I can also arrange for my car to be dressed in wedding ribbons so it won't feel like I'm just using a normal car on a normal day. Because let's be honest - this will be anything but...

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