14/08/2014 16:35 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Bride-To-Be Blog: My Wedding Macarons

When you instantly know who should make your wedding cake, your mind wanders to the other sweet things to bestow on guests - and macarons are the perfect treat, says Claire Adams

I decided on our wedding cake maker pretty early on. Through the power of Facebook I'd discovered a former colleague (going back about 10 years!) was now in the cake making business with her company Cakes for Takes.

When pics of her work popped up on my wall, I knew there and then she'd be the one to make my wedding cake. Seriously, you have to see these creations - showstopping and so yummy.

With that part of the day sorted unbelievably easily, I turned my attention to the next sweet dilemma - I wanted to find something small and sinful to serve to our guests along with the evening food as this menu is very savoury focused.

I always hear people banging on about macarons but for some reason I'd always assumed I wouldn't like them. I hate anything with a cream consistency and they come in such unnatural - not to mention often florescent - colours.

However I tried them in Cannes last year and was immediately hooked. They're amazing; sweet but not too sweet and crumbly without falling apart in your hands - the perfect dessert accessory for a wedding.

I then had the idea to create some sort of shape or thing out of the macarons (just to make life a little harder for myself) and set upon finding a shop to help me with that. It was hard to get someone who had the resources and expertise to help me with my idea. Actually in most cases I was encouraged to learn how to make them myself - which obviously was not going to happen!

Then I found a dessert chef called Fabricio Cano who has his own business, Fab Cooking. He understood exactly what I was looking for and was, in fact, a macaron-making expert having created desert canapés for London Fashion Week. Joy! We arranged to meet and I was so pleased with the texture, taste and flavours of his macarons, I'm now beyond excited to see the end product at our wedding.

He also dropped into the conversation mini profiteroles are another speciality of his but I can't even go there. And luckily I don't like cream (even I know you have to draw the line somewhere).

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