14/08/2014 12:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Britian's Got Talent Judge David Takes To Twitter To Goad Brucie

David Walliams backs Simon Cowell over Bruce Forsyth's kids in showbiz jibes

David Walliams has hit back at Bruce Forsyth after the veteran entertainer called for kids to be banned from Britain's Got Talent.

David, a judge on the show, said that far from the youngsters being affected by the audition and selection process, it was the adults who had the toughest time.

David's comments come in support of his co-presenter Simon Cowell, who recently rowed with octogenarian Bruce over children going into showbiz.

David took to Twitter to make his points known, and cited 14-year-old comedian Jack Carroll as being a glowing example of a cool and collected child performer.

"If I'd had the talent of @fatjacko at 14 (or even now) I'd have desperately wanted to be on the show. The only contestant to go to pieces on this series was Alice Fredenham. She is 28," he wrote.

Bruce, 85, fell out with Simon Cowell after declaring it 'disastrous' for kids to appear on the ITV show. Since his comments, both Simon and David have had digs at his expense on the programme.

After Welsh dance troupe PreSkool's performed their routine, the Sun reports David as saying:
"There's been a bit of controversy about school kids being on the show, but luckily none about kids too young to go to school."

"In case someone's watching, these are 45-year-old midgets," chipped in Simon.

Ladbrokes currently have 14-year-old Jack Carroll as second favourite to win the show.