14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Charlize Theron Admits 'It's Nice Being Not Single'

Actress Charlize Theron channelled her inner Marilyn Monroe for Esquire magazine as she opened up about her hush-hush love life and confessed "it's nice not being single".

The 38-year-old looked every inch the Hollywood siren as she struck a pose for controversial fashion photographer Terry Richardson.

Charlize - who has been dating fellow A-lister Sean Penn for the past five months - confessed while she may seem to have it all (a la Gisele Bundchen) there's a lot about her life she doubts others would envy.

"I'm sure there's a lot of aspects to my life that a lot of people wouldn't want," the South African-born bombshell told the mag.

"Just personal choice things. Like the fact that I'm [unmarried] at 38. That's not necessarily what a lot of women want."

While we wouldn't necessarily agree with Charlize on the whole marriage thing, we are intrigued to hear how she found herself shacked up with our mums' Hollywood crush Sean Penn.

"I wasn't in any place that I even wanted something like [a relationship]," she said. "Then one day you go, 'Oh [my son's] almost two now, and he has his little activities that he goes to and he's got a bedtime now,' and you have more time again.

"And it's like if you are open to something, if you just let it happen, it will happen. When you least expect it," she continued.

"It was nice to be single and now it's nice not to be single. If you're asking me then, yeah, my life is really good."

Read the full interview in the July issue of Esquire and see more online now.

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