Combat Childhood Obesity This Easter - Give Your Kids Dark, Cold, Hollow Eggs!

Worried about how much chocolate your kids are going to stuff into their faces this Easter?

Don't fret: there is a way to satisfy your kids and do your bit in the battle against childhood obesity.

For a food expert has come up with a recipe for indulgence that won't leave your children wobbling around the playground.

Laurence Beeken, food expert at, says parents should avoid expensive eggs and opt for plain chocolate instead of milk – then keep them in the fridge.

For example a luxury Thornton's egg can contain up to 1,715 cals, while a modest Cadbury's treat can be almost half that at just 858 or less. Plus, luxury eggs are the ones that contain more chocolate and thicker shells - and are usually much bigger.

But brands such as Cadburys and Nestle are usually the lower-calorie eggs to buy as they contain a hollow egg.

Extra frills such as lots of truffle chocolates can send the calorie count soaring. But a filling of sugar-free jelly sweets is not so bad.

Laurence said plain chocolate is better than milk because it contains more heart-healthy flavonoids. The more intense flavour will satisfy your taste buds more easily so you won't want to eat as much.

And if you keep your chocolate in the back of the fridge or somewhere out of sight it will stop your children constantly nibbling on it, and chilled chocolate will last longer in your mouth.

Of course, you could just do away with chocolate eggs altogether – but trying explaining to your kids that the Easter bunny has forgotten them this year! Ain't gonna happen.

Instead, Laurence says moderation is the key.

He said: "Whilst just 50g of chocolate can contain as many calories as a light lunch, there are some benefits, as chocolate contains chemicals which stimulate feelings of wellbeing - so a little bit can be a good thing."