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Eight Reasons Being A Parent Blogger Rocks

8 reasons being a parent blogger rocks

This year, the fourth annual MAD Blog Awards for UK mum and dad bloggers are being sponsored again by yours truly,

You might have already nominated your favourite parent blogs - or you might just be wondering, 'What exactly is a parent blog?'

Parent bloggers are mums and dads who write online about their families. And just like families, blogs come in all shapes and sizes.

There are personal, moving blogs about coping with disability, loss and separation; and some hilarious blogs that recount the day to day activity of being a mum or a dad. Whatever type of parent you are you can always find a blog to suit.

So, what's so great about blogging?

1. You get to be part of a community. Parent blogging leads to pretty remarkable relationships, and friendships for life are formed when you create your own space on the internet. Bogging is a social medium designed to find new relationships.

2. Parent bloggers talk about everything without hiding the detail, highlighting real family life. Having a crisis? Odds are another blogger will have shared your parenting nightmare or be going through a similar situation and can be your shoulder to lean on.

3. You get fantastic opportunities. Parent bloggers are seen as a mouthpiece for family-friendly events and are often called upon to visit new places to give their views. From cruises abroad to glamping in Cornwall, we go everywhere!

4. You can have your say. PRs approach bloggers to review their new products to give honest feedback to their readers.

5. You can explore your creative flair. Most parent bloggers are aspiring authors and writing a blog fuels much of the passion. For some it is their platform to build confidence.

6. By being a parent blogger you have a voice! That voice is vibrant, diverse and opinionated - it is never boring.

7. You get to use your voice for good. Parent bloggers have been incredible in supporting charities far and wide and giving them a place in social media. Got a cause you want to raise an awareness of? Then maybe starting a blog could be the first step.

8. You create memories for your children to follow. Many bloggers detail personal experiences creating an incredible online experience for their children to enjoy when they older. Nothing can beat recording special moments to enjoy at a time in the future.

Sound good? Find out more about the parent blogging community by visiting the MADs online.

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By Jane Blackmore