14/08/2014 12:52 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Family Throws Party For Toddler Whose Mum Died While Planning The Celebrations

Family throw party for toddler whose mum died while planning it

The heartbroken family of a young mum who collapsed and died as she planned her toddler's third birthday have carried out her final wishes and thrown her daughter a special party.

Sammy Morley, 27, was said to have died from natural causes after she passed away at home seven days before her daughter Amelia's big day.

She was found by her partner Benjamin Farr at the home they shared in Hull.

Her sister Kerry said she felt Sammy would be 'proud' of how they had organised Amelia's party just the way she wanted it.

"It was very hard, but I think Sammy would be very proud of each of us," Kerry, 35, told her local paper. "We did everything Sammy had planned. Amelia had her friends around, she had a cake with three candles and she had a pile of presents Sammy had bought."

She added that Sammy was a 'wonderful mummy' who spoiled Amelia rotten.

The 'fit and healthy' mum's death came as a total shock for all her family.

"It has knocked us all for six," Kerry said. "None of us thought you could die from natural causes, aged 27, without any medical problems or symptoms. We all thought she was fit and healthy."

She said that little Amelia doesn't really understand where her mum has gone, and the family have told her she is 'upstairs with the angels'.

Benjamin said Sammy was a 'loving, wonderful mother' and the 'best partner' he could have asked for.

A pathologist was been unable to pinpoint the exact cause of Sammy's death.