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Five Books For A One-Year-Old 'Reader'

Top 5 books for a 1 year-old 'reader'

From a slower start on the books-front, my 15-month-old is now an avid 'reader'. I say reader because she's recently picking up a selection of books, plonking herself on the rug and flicking through them using her thumb, flickbook-style.

Sometimes she decides to take it a little bit slower and turns the pages one-by-one, 'reading' out loud, pointing to any pictures and saying words and non-words. She seems happy entertaining herself this way but sometimes she likes to be where we are, so she'll drag a small pile from sitting room to kitchen, find a suitable spot and read away, while we're stacking the dishwasher.

At other times, particularly when she's tired, she'll bring books over for us to read, practically throw herself at one of us – which is her version of sitting on our laps – and plant her thumb into her mouth, which signals that she's ready to listen.

Either way, she's definitely got her personal bestseller list sorted. Here are five firm favourites with the right blend of words and pictures to ensure minimum wriggling and maximum entertainment.

1. Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
Beautifully illustrated and a lovely, quirky story.

2. Oh No George by Chris Haughton
Bright and colourful and great for teaching little ones to say 'Oh no'.

3. Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson
Nice to be able to enjoy a nature book together – and this was her number one for a month or so. A charming story.

4. Mog and Bunny by Judith Kerr
I love reading this story to her as she adores cats and I used to read Mog stories when I was little – good to see the Thomas family have fared very well over the years.

5. Rabbityness by Jo Empson
A really unusual story and quite touching – with a lovely, bold images.

Happy reading!

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