14/08/2014 16:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Five Ways To Make Homemade Juice Taste Amazing

Sarah Cadji knows a thing or two about making juices. She quit her job in finance to lead a healthier life and after years of research and a course in nutrition, Cadji will open Roots and Bulbs, London's first ever cold pressed juice and smoothie bar in early 2014.

Want to whizz up your own juices at home? Follow Cadji's top five tips on how to make healthy drinks that taste amazing below:

1. At Roots & Bulbs we keep the pulp and make amazing cold-pressed juice. If you are using a traditional juicer, our number one tip would be to be sure to squeeze the pulp after juicing – it will release extra nutrients that you might otherwise miss out on if you simply throw it away.


2. Avoid juices made of just fruit if you want to keep an eye on pure fructose intake. Use vegetables as the base instead and add a little fruit at the end for sweetness if you need to.

3. Experiment with spices such as cayenne or cinnamon to add depth and extra interest

4. Play with your juicing and be creative! Always use a base such as watery vegetables (cucumber, carrots, celery) and then add on top what you feel like on the day.

5. As a last step, herbs add an incredible depth to the flavour of your juice. Mint in your green juices adds a bit of sweetness, where parsley adds a bit of spice.

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