14/08/2014 16:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

For The Child Who Has Everything... A Tree MANSION!

For the child who has everything... a tree MANSION!

For the child who has everything but still wants more - how about getting them a tree MANSION for their birthday?

Retired architect James Curvan, from Terrell, Texas, builds these elaborate play areas for his friends' children - and they are so amazing, the parents must be tempted to do a house swap with their kids!

James let his imagination run riot to create a complex building with a walkway, stairs, a ladder and a slide as possible options for getting in and out. The interior is no less deluxe and well-thought out.

The children can admire the scaled down fireplace, the wallpaper, telephone and pint-sized wooden furniture that make the treehouse so cosy.

For warm weather, there is a table and chair set on the balcony or a separate shaded platform in the other tree, reached by a treetop walkway.

The more adventurous children can also play on the built-in climbing wall and zipwire all in their own back garden.

James told County Line magazine: "The kids are the key to making a playhouse that kids like.

"They like certain colours, certain animals, and other things. I listen to what they want and then design from that."

See James's work at, and click through our gallery below for more of his designs.

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