14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

George Clooney Is Still The Ultimate Charmer And This Story Proves It

Prepare to go weak at the knees ladies, because George Clooney just got even more dreamy. You didn't think it was possible did you? Well it is and here's the evidence.

The 53-year-old proved himself to be the best prom date ever - even 30-plus years since his actual high school dance - when he paid a surprise visit to the lucky gal he went to prom with three decades ago.

The no longer eligible bachelor dropped in on old flame Laurie Laycock Bach and surprised both her and her basketball player son, Brent, earlier this month during a visit to his Kentucky hometown for a family reunion.

Taking to her Facebook page with what we can only imagine to be a shameless degree of sheer glee, Laurie wrote: "Guess who just called me and ask if Brent could come to St Augustine school and play basketball? My old friend George Clooney.

"He said he had kept up with Brent's basketball and was very proud of him and wanted to play him a game. Still the same old George!! It was nice that he called to say hello and to talk about Brent. He said he was going to keep up with his college games too."

The A-lister took the time to shoot some hoops with his Brent, who later gushed about the experience to E! News.

"He is really down-to-earth and he is really nice. Being a big movie star, when he comes back to the town where he grew up, he treats us all the same and we treat him like he is just an ordinary guy and I think that is what he likes about coming here," he said.

"Even though we don't get to talk as much, he is a good guy and he tries to keep in touch whenever he is in town. He is a regular guy and I'm really thankful that I got to meet him."

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