14/08/2014 12:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Girl Scout, 14, Saved Bus Driver's Life On School Run

UIG via Getty Images
School bus

A 14-year-old girl scout saved a bus driver's life after he collapsed on the school run.

Quick-thinking Katy Haig rushed to the man's aid and put him in the recovery position while he friends wrapped him in their coats to keep him warm until paramedics arrived.

Katy, from Orpington, Kent, was on her way home from Bishop Justus School when the bus driver suddenly pulled over. He got out of his cab and collapsed on the floor.

Recalling the drama, Katy told News Shopper: "At first I didn't know that it was the driver "I was at the back of the bus so I couldn't really see what was going on. There were lots of people around him.

"A lady called out for someone to call an ambulance, so I did. Then I went up to him. I noticed he was conscious so I thought 'I've got to help him'."

Katy put the driver in the recovery position and put a coat underneath his head to stop the blood rushing to it. The man was shivering and shaking so she asked her friends for their coats, and placed them on top of him to keep him warm.

Katy added: "It was four or five minutes before the ambulance arrived.

"I sat with him and kept talking to him, made sure he was responding, answering questions.

"The paramedics came and when they were about to go one of them said to me: 'You saved his life'. "After I was a bit shaken about what I did but during it I didn't really have time to be scared.

"I am very proud of what I've done."

Katy was taught first aid at the 14th Bromley Scout Group, of which she is a member.

Her mother, Rachel Haig, 44, added: "I'm really proud of what Katy did, to respond like she did and think so quickly was amazing."

The bus driver, who did not want be named, is now recovering at home.

Paul Harding, Operations Manager of Metrobus, Orpington said: "He is extremely grateful for all the care and assistance he received at the time.

"It is a credit to the young lady that she did what she did and everyone here is very grateful.

"He's still a bit unwell and what happened to him is under investigation."