14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Good Enough To Eat: The Swaddling Blanket That Turns Your Newborn Into A Baby Burrito

A sleeping baby is a joy to behold, and can often elicit cries of "I could just eat you all up" from admiring onlookers. But if you want your baby to really whet the appetite, a California-based company has just the thing for you: the Tortilla Baby swaddle blanket.

The 40 inch circular blanket is made from cotton and polyester, which is printed and sewn to look like a flour tortilla. The set includes a matching hat - sized for infants up to three months old - that looks like the folded knot that seals a burrito.

Tortilla Baby creator Katharine Owens told Babble that she came up with the wacky idea after hearing friends at baby showers talk about a swaddling technique called the Burrito roll.

"I wanted to create fun baby shower gifts in that goofy, costumey category," she said. "Something different than what you'd see in a normal baby shower."

Right now Tortilla Baby is only available in the US and it is the only product Katharine's company Bon Vivant Baby sells, but Katharine plans to extend her spread to include sushi baby (seaweed wrap with rice hat), little egg roll (burnt wonton with sweet-and-sour-sauce hat) and crepe baby (chocolate crepe with whipped cream hat).

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