14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

How One Family Learned The Art Of Play Again

Vicky White

There are three little words that the grown ups in our house use a lot. I'm talking at least five times a day. I would like to say these are 'I love you'; but these are second best. For my husband and me our favourite sentence starter is 'Can I just..'

After this you can insert any menial or occasionally necessary task such as 'do the washing up', 'finish my cuppa', 'go to the loo' and then of course there is the 'before' word. Meaning before I spend any quality time with you, dear children.

It seems I am in good company too. A recent survey from Galt Toys found one in four parents manage less than 30 minutes playing with their children every day. Even those with babies and toddlers only manage around 60 minutes.

And when it comes to play time if I'm brutally honest, playing is not something that comes completely naturally to me.

This is also mirrored in Galt's research which found 65 of people have seen parents playing with smart phones instead of their children. In Galt's survey they even found that three quarters of parents cut play time short because they felt self conscious and inadequate.

Added to that is the unsurprising revelation that nearly 40Slideshow-84816%