14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

'Humanitarians Of Tinder' Reveals The Latest Surefire Way To Dating Success

Are you on Tinder but having limited success in turning those swipes and messages into actual dates?

Fear not - Facebook page and Tumblr 'Humanitarians of Tinder' knows how to reverse that apathy quicker than you can say "is that a tiger?".

Humanitarians of Tinder

All you need to do is post a picture of yourself in a developing country surrounded by children.

Why? Nothing says, "I'm conveniently near you and I care about global issues", like a photo of yourself looking pious in [add popular gap year destination].

It's all the rage on the dating app so you won't have to look far to see what we mean. Go barefoot in said picture for added authenticity and perhaps accessorise with a stethoscope - no medical knowledge or experience required!

Need inspiration? We're loving the approach of Vilde, 20, who's so charitable and wants those less fortunate to be happy so much, here she is literally forcing a kid to smile.

Humanitarians of Tinder

Meanwhile, to send out the message you're comfortable creating luxury anywhere, take Hunter's lead. Check him out, stretching in his cargo shorts, not sharing his champagne with the locals. Natch.

Humanitarians of Tinder

All you need to get the 'Humanitarians of Tinder' look - and a date with someone now - is:

1. Gap year pictures.
2. Friendship bracelets.
3. A stupidly big camera that confuses you.

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