Inside China's Fat Camps For Obese Kids

The childhood obesity crisis isn't just a British problem – as these photographs from China show.

But while our Government tries to tackle the issue of overweight kids with various healthy eating policies – with varying degrees of success – the Chinese have a more drastic way of combating the problem: Fat camps.

Obesity is a growing problem among the growing middle-class in China, and, according to recent studies, the country is now the second fattest in the world behind America.

Not so much 'Little emperors' as 'very big emperors'.

So while we might send our children to a fun-and-games activity camp for the summer holidays, the parents of these kids have no qualms about sending them away to get in shape.

This eye-opening insight into obese Chinese children being put through their gruelling paces in an effort to slim down was shot at a university in the country's capital, Beijing.

On a daily basis, the kids are forced to swim, run, lift weights and perform exercises under the supervision of strict Chinese trainers.

They are also required to undergo medical and weight checks by professional nurses at the facility. Some of the children clearly can't cope with the strict regime, with some of them being reduced to tears by the demands.

But, despite their obvious distress, is it something our own overweight children could benefit from?

Hmmm. Seems a bit drastic for us Brits. Last year, for example, Nottingham City Council spent £20,000 sending teams of Fat Camp fitness gurus to deprived areas to promote healthy living.

The scheme's aim was to encourage youngsters from poor backgrounds to exercise more and ditch sweet snacks in favour of fruit and veg.

But parents criticised the move and said it should be up to mums and dads to get their kids active.