Internet Prankster 'Flashes' Kids In Park. See How Their Parents React (Video)

What would you do if you saw your child being flashed by a man in a dressing gown in the park?

Punch his lights out? Or have a good chortle when you realise he was really a prankster?

Have a look and see how these parents reacted when a stranger in a towelling robe jumped in front of their kids and gave them a big view of his...T-shirt!

For this was - thankfully - just a practical joke designed to see how mums and dads would react when their kids were visually assaulted by an apparent pervert.

Ho ho the relieved parents laughed when they were let in on the gag.

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The practical joke was set up by internet pranksters Roman Atwood and Alex Mandel who prowl parks looking for suitable victims.

When they open their robes flasher Mac-style the kids see what their parents can't - a child-friendly T-shirt bearing slogans like 'Stay in school' or 'Don't do drugs'.

But from the back, the parents just see a threat to their kids and take defensive action by pushing or shoving the man out of the way (though in this writer's opinion a smack in the face would have been more appropriate).

The reactions of the parents have been posted to YouTube where they have been viewed more than 3.8 million times in three days.

Remarkably, and luckily for Atwood and Mandel, everyone filmed seemed to take the prank in good humour one they realised the truth.

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