14/08/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Is Too Much Conditioner Damaging Your Hair?

How often do you use conditioner in your hair? Every time you wash it? Every other day? Just on the ends?

While some girls are happy to skip it (time is precious first thing in the morning), others rely on conditioner for the glossy, smooth results it promises. Plus it can be an essential step for those with longer locks - it keeps hair tangle-free. Heck, it can make hair look as amazing as this sleek, ribbon-tied ponytail from Jenny Packham's A/W 13 show...


So it's hardly surprising that many of us are obsessed with the stuff. I am and always have been a committed conditioner user. I apply it every day, without fail. Washing my hair without it feels wrong.

However, after my hair started to feel limp and greasy recently, I tried going without the product for five days. My hair is fine but it isn't dry and I've never coloured it - I knew I didn't need to be using conditioner as much I was.

I washed my hair as normal, but I only used shampoo and the same heat protector spray I spritz on before drying (probably not a completely fair test but I couldn't go without that too.)

The result? My hair wasn't as smooth, but it was shiny (hurrah!), full of volume and best of all, it felt cleaner for longer.

Although conditioner definitely has its benefits, this experiment got me wondering - is too much of a good thing damaging for hair? One thing's for sure - it definitely has an impact on the appearance and texture. Bumble & Bumble stylist Tashina Tantalos explains.

"I don't think everyone necessarily needs to use conditioner. However, if you do use it, it's important to choose a conditioner based on your hair type and your hair needs," he told us.

"Colour treated or damaged hair may need a conditioner that helps rebuild the hair, restore shine and maintain colour. If hair is coarse, it may need to be hydrated which can help smooth the hair, while fine hair may need a light-weight conditioner - but only through the ends to help detangle (or none at all if the hair doesn't require it)."

Am I going to give up on conditioner completely? No - after five days, my hair had gone wild. Reducing the usage to two or three times a week however, is manageable. Anything to get the gloss and volume that these ladies have.

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