Josie Cunningham Gives A-Level Results Students Career Advice: Get Your T*ts Out Or Be An Escot

Ross Parry

"Girls don't worry if ur results are poor - you can always have a career getting your t*ts out or escorting," said no careers advisor, ever.

But luckily, good old Josie Cunningham is around to dish out some sage advice.

So, girls, forget that career in politics, or engineering, or teaching, and make sure you do tune into her #Josie'sCareerAdvice hashtag for some more pearls of wisdom. We wouldn't want you doing something silly like taking a gap year or applying to university through clearing now would we?

However, if there is a slim chance you don't fancy a career in getting yer baps out, then you can always head over to our A-levels or career advice section. We promise there's no boobs involved. #HuffPost'sCareerAdvice

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