14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katie Holmes Reveals The Secret Behind Her Always Glossy Hair

Either Katie Holmes has one heck of a good hairstylist or she's been blessed with glossy, perfect hair.

Still, we've always wanted to know her secret and thankfully, she's finally revealed exactly how she looks after her tresses in an interview with beauty site Byrdie.

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Holmes revealed five beauty secrets, from her favourite makeup tip to her all-time red carpet look, and when asked about her shiny brunette tresses, she credited a few of her favourite products.

"I'm either doing my own blowout with [Alterna's] Replenishing Milk, or I'll use the Bamboo Volume Spray if I want to go more natural and keep the curl in, since my hair is naturally wavy," she said.

When it comes to styling her hair in the warmer months, Katie said she's all about a simple, effortless look.

"In the summer, I feel like you don't have to be so structured in your beauty routine. I tend to just do a pony because it's hot."

Quick, easy updos? We like her thinking. Katie's makeup tip is worth noting too.

"I didn't realize that when you're tired, it's all about blush - not necessarily concealer. You have to have colour on your cheeks to brighten your skin up - as women, we want to hurry up and conceal the dark circles, but really you have to bring the pink out."

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