14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kristen Stewart Hair Latest: It's Bright Red And Grungey

She's been blonde, she's been brunette but she's never been bright red (we think). Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Kristen Stewart's brand new hair!

Spotted on the set of her latest film American Ultra in Louisiana, the star's new colour was revealed - but don't expect any kind of Hollywood glossiness from her latest look.

Kristen Stewart

It's grungey and there's a good inch of brown root. We're guessing it's on purpose, after all Kirsten is the anti-A-list-style A-lister. She wears trainers on the red carpet and doesn't smile for pictures - a bit of crazy hair is nothing.

In saying that, it's probably for her part in the movie. The 24-year-old plays Jesse Eisenberg's girlfriend and that's basically all we know about the character except she likes to dye her hair and rock a style that's seriously reminiscent of Claire Danes In My So-Called Life.

Kristen Stewart

The film also stars Sharon Stone and is the second time Eisenberg and Stewart have teamed up onscreen - they were last seen together in 2009 indie film Adventureland.

Anyway, back to the hair. Is it cool or just a bit of a mess? It probably depends if you're into the whole grunge scene. Either way, we'd put money on it being a fleeting look for the Twilight star.

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