14/08/2014 12:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Lauren Bush Lauren And The Queen Bees Of The Hamptons

When you're the niece and granddaughter of two former presidents and the wife of Ralph Lauren's son, invites to the summer's most exclusive parties aren't exactly hard to come by.

And when these soirees are held in the East Coast's most glamorous holiday spot - the Hamptons? Lauren Bush Lauren will be there.


Since late July, Bush Lauren has been spotted hanging out at Bridgehampton with her husband David and all those other New York socialites who have swapped the city for the beach.

From the Women's Health "Party Under The Stars" to a cinema screening hosted by The Hollywood Reporter, the Princess B of NYC has been showing face - EVERYWHERE. Oh, and denim dungarees? They're the only thing to wear when you're toasting marshmallows under moonlight.

So, Bush Lauren is the Queen Bee of the Hamptons social scene this summer, but who else is in the hive?

1. Tory Burch - founder of the fashion brand and those iconic gold-buckle pumps, self-made billionaire.


2. Beth Ostrosky Stern - actress, model and wife of radio presenter Howard Stern. Blonde, beautiful, regularly appears in The Hamptons magazine.


3. The Hiltons - a favourite party spot for socialites Paris and Nicky. Their parents own a whopping great gated mansion in the Water Mill area too. Handy.


4. Hilary Rhoda - Estee Lauder and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, often jets into East Hampton for a cocktail party or boutique launch.


5. Kelly Klein - photographer and estranged wife of Calvin, owns a multi-million dollar farm in Bridgehampton.


6. Sarah Jessica Parker - often escapes New York for family getaways at her beachfront home with husband Matthew, son James and twins Tabitha and Loretta. Likes to hang out with fellow Hamptons residents - Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld. (Those parties must be a blast).


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