14/08/2014 12:54 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Man Appeals For Mum Of Toddler He Rescued From Under Train To Come Forward

Man appeals for mum of toddler he rescued from under train to come forward

A man who rescued a toddler from underneath a train is appealing for the child's mum to come forward so he can find out how the little girl is.

Nick Harding, 49, had been alighting from his train at Bristol Temple Meads station on Saturday when the incident occurred.

He told his local paper that he had been one of the last passengers getting out of the carriage, when he saw the child fall and 'disappear'.

"This little toddler was on the platform, I don't know if she was pushed by accident or was just wobbly, but she fell and disappeared under the train," Mr Harding said.

"Everybody froze and I thought 'It's got to be me'. I shouted something like 'Don't move the train' and I dropped underneath it.

"I wasn't sure what I would find, but thankfully she was OK, although she was crying, stunned and not sure where she was. I got her out and then I scrabbled back out on to the platform. The adrenaline was rushing."

He said he had visions of the train moving with both him and the child trapped under it, and now just wants to know that the girl is OK after her ordeal.

First Great Weston who run the services into Bristol Temple Meads told the Weston Mercury that they would be looking at CCTV footage to get a better idea of what happened, and said that the 'shocked' mum had left the scene without requiring 'any other services'.

"We are very pleased this incident ended as it has done with everybody safe and well," their spokesperson said. "But we urge caution. While we keep railway stations as safe as we can, it is very important customers stay vigilant."