Man Spoofs Pregnant Wife's Maternity Photos

When his wife told him she wasn't interested in having any posed pregnancy photos taken, this guy didn't let it get him down.

Instead, he stripped down to show off his own 'bump' for a set of hilarious pictures.

'DruishPrincess69', as he's known to users on Reddit, explained that his pregnant wife wasn't keen on the idea of professional photos, which inspired him to 'take her place', as it were.

The result is a series of absurd and hilarious 'manternity' photos which show the dad to be lovingly caressing his bump (with a tasteful arm covering his 'breasts', of course) in a spot-on spoof of classic pregnancy poses.

Other shots show him indulging a 'craving' by scoffing down a tub of chocolate chip ice cream, and draped across a bed, gazing thoughtfully at his belly (in this case, more a result of the ice cream than an indication of a growing baby).

Best of all, he even managed to spoof the cheesy 'dad kissing the belly' pose by photoshopping himself into the frame so he appeared to be planting a smacker on his own 'bump'.

That's going above and beyond!

The attempt at making the pictures glamorous, in stylish black and white, only highlight the surreal brilliance behind the idea.

After the inventive dad-to-be, who hails from Austin, Texas, shared the unorthodox maternity snaps they quickly picked up hundreds of comments from amused Redditors, before spreading across social media.

Expecting a baby may be serious business, but moments like this go to show that pregnancy can be fun (well, for the man!).

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