14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Meet The Guy Who Said: 'What Do You Do When You Love Your Girlfriend But Hate Her Vagina?'

Don't ask us why but we recently found ourselves paying a visit... Again. More fool us, because what we came across, what we read, we cannot unread! So now, lovely MyDaily readers let us share the tale with you.

If you're not already familiar with BroBible, it's a news site for men (or should that be bros?) which refers to vaginas as queef pouches and gives advices to bros who intentionally give girls the clap.


The site runs a regular little feature called "Ask A Bro" where bros can send in their life problems to a staff bro who will then endeavour to solve them. It's like Ask Amy but much more sordid.

One brotha asked:


And while BroBible's agony uncle responded with a monologue full of witty phrases such as "a bruised bacon hole" and likened vaginas to Keith Richards' mouth this is what we reckon he should have written in response...

Dear Bro,

While we understand it must be quite a shock to you that any woman is willing to let you put your reproductive organ anywhere near her, if you feel so strongly about the appearance of her vagina, perhaps you should bring it to her attention. See what she has to say about your no-doubt gorgeous rod of manhood. After all brotha, honesty is the best policy.

We're sure your girlfriend - whom you speak so fondly of - will completely understand your predicament and somehow you will find a way to work through this.

As that long-forgotten Fame Academy finalist, Lemar, once sang, if there's any justice in the world she'll tell your sorry ass where to go. You won't be dunking your quill in any women's ink for a very long time.

Keep truckin'