Mother Arrested For Stabbing Teddy Bear

Teddy bear sad and crying into hands.
Teddy bear sad and crying into hands.

A woman has been arrested after she stabbed a 5ft tall teddy bear.

Carly Marra attacked the white fluffy toy during an argument with her ex-boyfriend and allegedly told him: "I wish this was you."

She was charged with aggravated assault and battery and also with possession of a controlled substance (liquid TCH and an ounce of marijuana).

Marra, from Casper, in Wyoming in the US, attacked the bear when she and her on-off boyfriend Jordan McAlexander started fighting.

The pair had met other partners but decided that they would have one last evening together with their 16-month-old child before separating their family.

But that evening tensions grew and when McAlexander began texting a friend and his new girlfriend Marra allegedly became upset and went after the bear with a kitchen knife.

The two then jostled for control of the knife before McAlexander put Marra in the bathroom as he contacted police.