14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mother Was Asked To Take Smear Test To Prove She Was A Woman

Mum told to take smear test to prove she is female

A mum was left humiliated after she was told to take a smear test to PROVE she was a woman before her driving licence would be renewed.

Nakia Grimes had taken along her birth certificate to renew her licence in Clayton County, Georgia, but officials said she would have to provide evidence she was female as an error on the document listed her as male.

Nakia had not spotted the mistake until she went to renew her licence, saying she had never really looked at the certificate.

"When I went to retrieve my birth certificate I let her know that the sex status is wrong. I'm a woman, was born a woman," the 37-year-old told Fox news.

But the licensing officer would not accept Nakia's word for it and said she would have to be examined by a doctor.

"She said I needed to have a PAP exam, [smear test] have a doctor write a note verifying you're a woman, and bring it back – notarised," the outraged mum claims.

When furious Nakia went to her local media about the incident, the records office back down and said that protocol had not been followed.

Nakia was then issued with a corrected birth certificate after checks were made against her son's documentation.

Nakia said the whole incident had left her 'horrified and angry'.