14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum In Labour Survived Car Crash To Have Baby Girl


Childbirth is a dramatic experience at the best of times. But baby Islia Cox's arrival into the world was more dramatic than most.

For as her dad Aaron drove his heavily pregnant wife Tamarin to hospital as she went into labour, their car hit black ice and sent them rolling into a ditch.

But a combination of luck, a passing motorist and the quick arrival of paramedics turned what could have been a tragedy into an amazing birth story.

Tamarin Cox, 31, was in labour with a potentially dangerous breech birth when husband Aaron, 30, skidded on a patch of black ice in the dawn journey.

The car slewed off the road at 30mph, and rolled down a 20ft embankment, landing on its roof.

Remarkably, she was helped out of the wreckage and was quickly taken in an ambulance to hospital, where she gave birth to healthy 6lb 1oz Islia.

The birth was already set to be complicated because the baby was breech - meaning she came out feet first - when contractions started in the early hours of the morning.

However, nothing could have prepared the parents for their ordeal on the way to the maternity unit in Epsom, Surrey.

Aaron said: "As it was rolling I honestly thought I had killed us. It was horrible.

"My wife was very calm and collected. She knew to brace herself and she was telling ME to keep calm and not worry about it.

"When we came to a standstill I honestly thought it was a dream, because I have had that dream. So I was expecting to wake up.

"But thankfully we came out unscathed, apart from a few scratches and aches and pains."

Astonishingly, Tamarin, an NHS rota administrator, was completely unfazed by the crash.

She simply stood on the rear view mirror to climb out of the upturned Honda Jazz, conscious of trying to stay away from the shards of glass all around her.

Aaron managed to flag down a Good Samaritan who stopped his car and called 999, before helping to get his wife out of the crashed car.

He said: "The ambulance arrived within about five minutes, took us to the hospital and my wife had our daughter about an hour and a half later."

Speaking from the couple's home in Betchworth, Surrey, Aaron said his daughter was 'absolutely perfect'.

The couple already had one child - a two-year-old boy called Kegan - and were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first daughter when the drama unfolded on January 12.

They have since been relating the remarkable tale to their shocked relatives.

Aaron said: "I told my mother about the birth and then I asked her not to panic and said, 'On the way to hospital we had a crash'. She got a bit hysterical."