14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum Loses Six Stone After Fairground Ride Humiliation


An ordinary trip to the funfair turned into a life-changing experience for overweight mum Lee Gentleman.

As she and her four-year-old son sat on a rollercoaster ride waiting to take off, she was unable to stretch the safety belt across them both.

It was a mortifying moment – but it inspired Lee, 34, to finally ditch her diet of takeaways, crisps and chocolate and make some positive changes to her lifestyle.

A year later, Lee is a svelte 9st 2lbs after she shed six stone.


Lee recalled: "I was at my heaviest point and we were in Scarborough for a family holiday. I went on a ride with my son but I couldn't get the seat belt around the two of us.

"I was totally embarrassed, it was a horrible situation. I was also looking back at pictures from when I went to Blackpool with my mum and cousins. I was the biggest in every single photo."

Lee, from Biggar, South Lanarkshire, joined Slimming World and quickly changed her diet and exercise habits after her embarrassing rollercoaster experience.

She decided to change job, moving from a call centre to working in a shop in her hometown, which made her more active and allowed her to plan meals.

Lee said: "I went from just sitting there to constantly moving about and serving people which made a difference.

"Before, I never had fruit and if I had any veg it would be fried. I had a lot of takeaways, at least two a week.

"My husband and I used to love getting a huge donor kebab, with everything in it, between us.

"Now I can still have one Chinese a week, usually boiled rice with beef and black bean sauce.

"I hardly ever exercised before and I always made excuses but now I walk for miles with the dog.

"I take the kids out cycling once a week if the weather is all right and I've started playing tennis and badminton, as well as going swimming on a Sunday.

"It was easy to stick to and has made such a difference. Life in general has improved. I'm in my hometown now and I can plan things a lot more.

"I used to get to the top of the stairs and be knackered and even bending down to tie my shoelaces was difficult.

"I love it now that I can put my feet up and paint my nails without having to get into an awkward position. I'm flexible now."

Lee's transformation has stunned husband Ian, 39, and sons Oliver, six, and three-year-old Calvin.

Lee said: "I can run about after my kids and I don't feel like the biggest person at the school gates."