Mum Punishes 'Spoilt Brat' Daughter By Selling Her Katy Perry Concert Tickets

A mum inflicted the ultimate punishment on her 'spoilt brat' daughter by selling the girl's cherished Katy Perry concert tickets.

Cindy Bjerke, from Fargo, North Dakota, was so upset by her 18-year-old's bad behavior that she decided to take drastic action and posted an ad on the Fargo Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page offering the tickets for sale.

Cindy didn't name her teenager, but described her in unflattering terms as a 'spoiled brat' who 'doesn't deserve these tickets'.

The tickets were for Katy's upcoming show in Fargo on August 23.

Even though the tickets are worth $110, Cindy willingly accepted $90 for them.

She needn't have worried about getting rid of the tickets as they sold in under five minutes, snd her 'spoiled brat' message received over 200 likes in just an hour.

Cindy hasn't said specifically what her daughter did, but the way she has chosen to discipline the girl has caused some controversy.

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The mum's punishment has been criticised as harsh by some, who believe that the matter should have been handled privately rather than with a public shaming on Facebook.

But Cindy said she has no regrets and that the majority of comments she has received have been overwhelming positive.

She told local news: "I think a lot of parents are like me and feel they are being bullied over how they should parent their own children."

Unfortunately, the Facebook page where the ticket sale was posted is in fact a closed group, which people have to ask permission to join. The post was only visible to the 17,000 members of the group and the page administrator deleted it on the grounds that it was receiving too much attention.

The American leg of Katy's Prismatic World Tour started last month in North Carolina and last week she performed at the Barclay's Center in Brooklyn.

The U.S. leg ends in Oct before she goes on to visit Canada and then Australia.

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