14/08/2014 16:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Mum's Horror As Baby Choked On Jagged Bone In Baby Food


Heinz has launched an investigation after an eight-month-old baby choked on a jagged bone found in a jar of its baby food.

Mum Kirsty Austin, 36, from Birmingham, feared her daughter Cydney, could have died if she hadn't acted to pluck the bone from her daughter's throat.

The mum-of-three said she was feeding Cydney a dinner of Heinz spaghetti bolognese for babies she began gagging and turning blue after one mouthful.

Quick-thinking Kirsty put her finger down her baby's throat and flicking the bone out.

She told her local paper: "If I hadn't acted as quick as I did she would have choked to death.

"I have only just started feeding her mushed-up food, so when she gagged at first I thought it was because she was getting used to the difference.

"But when I gave her a second mouthful I knew something wasn't right.

"She was gurgling and gagging at the same time, I thought she had a bit of food stuck in her throat.


"She was really struggling to breathe. I put my finger in her mouth and flicked what I thought was food out and onto her tongue before picking it out of her mouth.

"When I realised it was a bone I was in shock, I really couldn't believe it. I am angry, this shouldn't have happened, she was very frightened and so was I."

She added: "Now, whenever I am feeding her I am having to check there is nothing harmful inside.

"From now on I may start making the meals myself. If you can't trust apparently reputable companies like Heinz, who can you rely on?

"It was such a scary experience and I wouldn't wish it upon any parent.

"I nearly lost my child over something like this, and something needs to be done to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Heinz confirmed it would be launching a full investigation into how the bone came to be found in the Mum's Own Recipe Spaghetti Bolognese jar.

A spokesman said: "The quality and purity of our baby foods is always our first priority and so we were sorry to hear about Kirsty's experience.

"Great care and attention is given to every aspect of preparing our foods, from sorting and screening of ingredients to the stringent precautions and exacting standards adhered to during manufacture.

"This is an isolated complaint and we are keen to carry out a full investigation."